2023.6 Release Notes


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Zone Date From (UTC) To (UTC) Duration
Limited Release and UK Limited Release 15. November 2023 02:00 06:00 4 hrs
America East 1, 2, & 3 29. November 2023 02:00 07:00 5 hrs
America West 1, 2, & 3 6. December 2023 02:00 07:00 5 hrs

Australia and New Zealand

6. December 2023 15:00 17:00 2 hrs

UK, UK 2 and EU 1 (English)

6. December 2023 20:00 1:00 5 hrs
German and Spanish TBD      

IMPORTANT  All dates are subject to change. For up-to-date information on scheduled releases, refer to the Datto Status Page.

About the release

As Autotask transitions to a more agile development process, you will see smaller but more frequent releases. This release includes a new What's New page and streamlined main help menu, an expanded number of custom URL links in the client portal and a new admin page to manage them, standardized and updated product and service selectors, new fields and user-defined fields for services and service bundles, a wider availability of product fields, and a number of minor improvements and fixes.

New Features

List of improvements and fixes in this release

Type Case ID Summary
Improvement AT-306 When a notification is sent from an opportunity, a system note will now be created on the opportunity with information about the notification. The note will contain the same information as the system notes from notifications for tickets, tasks and devices.
Improvement AT-4773 We added Save & Add To-Do as an option under Save on the New Opportunity and Edit Opportunity pages.
Improvement AT-6088 In the exclusion step of the wizard to create a new contract, the phrase (auto-excluded) will now be appended to any work types, roles, and sub-issues that will automatically be excluded when the contract is created.
Improvement AT-6546 We updated the Contract > Charges page and added a column chooser. User-defined fields can now appear in the grid.
Improvement AT-6548 We added the following fields to the column chooser in the Purchase Order Items section of purchase orders: Internal Product ID, External Product ID, Product SKU, Product Manufacturing Part Number, Product Material Code, Product Manufacturer.



We added a new security setting for resources: Can edit Client Portal User Settings on Contact Edit/Detail page. Clearing this selection on a security level will render the settings on a contact's Client Portal tab as read-only for resources with that security setting. By default, this security setting is selected for security levels that also have Can preview Client Portal selected.
Improvement AT-6933 We updated the Department page in Admin.
Fix AT-4706 We fixed an issue where the event of removing services from a recurring services contract was not reported correctly on the Contract History page.
Fix AT-5072 We fixed an issue where redacting a resource did not remove their MS Exchange user name and email address on the MS Exchange integration resources tab. Those values are now removed when a resource is redacted.
Fix AT-6718 We fixed an issue in Taskfire, where using the option to transfer a ticket to Other Vendor: via Email resulted in an error and the email was not sent. The emails will now be sent correctly.
Fix AT-6738 We added Division > Line of Business to the Subscription section of the Device import. To access the subscription fields for import, the template should be downloaded from Admin > Features & Settings > Application-Wide (Shared) Features > Downloads. Subscription fields are not available when the template is generated from the Devices > In Import Template Format export.
Fix AT-6792 We fixed an issue that caused an error when multiple files were attached to an expense item.
Fix AT-6811 We fixed an issue where the end date for contract renewals that ended in 2024 were off by one day.



We fixed an issue where some resources without the appropriate permissions were able to edit non-system invoice templates.



We fixed an issue where using a note or time entry to set the status of a task with uncompleted and important checklist items to Complete did not provide a prompt to confirm the status change. Now, if there are important checklist items on a task not yet set to Complete and a resource changes the status of the task to Complete from a note or a time entry, they will be prompted to confirm that they want to set the task to complete without editing the checklist items. This behavior now matches what happens on a ticket in the same circumstances.
Fix AT-7305 We fixed an issue where, when updating the address information for an organization location and selecting the option Update All Contacts, all the organization contacts were updated, not just the ones associated with the location. Now only the contacts associated with the organization location will be updated.
Fix AT-7534 We fixed an issue in the Microsoft Outlook Extension where creating a CRM note from an email with too many characters generated an error. The note will now be created and any characters beyond the limit will be truncated.
Fix AT-7552 We fixed an issue that prevented some quotes from Kaseya Quote Manager from syncing to Autotask. This issue occurred if the selected opportunity category did not have a default start date. If the opportunity category does not have a default start date, the projected close date will be applied as the start date.
Fix AT-7570 We fixed an issue with the Microsoft Exchange integration that caused dismissed reminders for to-dos to reappear after the calendar was synced. This no longer occurs.

Updates for developers

Data Warehouse updates and API updates for this release are documented in the Autotask Developer Help. Refer to the following topics:

The Developer Help and the revision histories are available in English only.